Indianapolis in January

Not really the best time to visit Indianapolis (January is very cold and snowy/icy), but always great to visit Sarah; our oldest daughter and Jeffrey – Sarah’s boyfriend. The drive from Greenville, SC to Indianapolis is a lot shorter than to Massachusetts, so that was good. Especially since there was a storm forecasted to hit soon after we arrived. Glad we beat it, and it really was not as bad as it could have been.

Settling in after our long trip to Indy.

Sarah is a great cook. She made us a delicious dinner – a succulent chickened mushrooms cooked in a cast iron skillet and finished in the oven with a very tasty pea risotto. It was so good!

Good thing we do not have to deal with snow often in Greenville. Snow is great when it falls and is nice and white. However, give it time and soon it will be a mess all over. Nah, done with it.

One of the hardest things for any city where the temps dip below freezing is their homeless population. There are many places for the homeless to go, but I am sure some fall through the cracks.

Saturday lunch at La Mulita. A small but very nice taco place in N. College Ave. We started with some beers and an excellent guacamole. It has a perfect balance of salt, lime and serrano peppers. I just wish it was double the size… ¬†ūüôĀ

Bethe ordered one of the specials – the Pozole. A hearty soup with deliciousness all around it. It had a rich broth with shredded pork shoulder, hominy corn, radishes, cilantro, cabbage and serrano peppers.

My dish was a couple of very nice shrimp tacos that were one of the biggest tacos I have had. Spicy shrimp, chipotle mayo, red cabbage, guacamole, cilantro, green rice (parsley taste). Very nice.

Sarah ordered tacos al Pastor – slow roasted pork, salsa verde, pineapple, red onions, cilantro; with a side of Cowboy Potatoes.

Some of their features for the day…

Usually I do not add pictures with me in them, this is one exception…trying to capture the main elements for the Pozole soup for my wife to make.

Sarah, my wife and Jeffrey!

Side view of The Carmel Palladium (also known as The Center of the Performing Arts). We drove there as there was supposed to be a German Festival going on. Unfortunately we missed it by one day.

We did not bring our skates so we just watched for a few minutes, then it got too cold.

Jeffrey and Sarah!

We then stopped at Sun King brewery. A excellent micro brewery great choices to please a variety of tastes.

Playing some Trivia Pursuit was fun. Jeffrey was really into it.

My wife making breakfast potatoes, she loves to cook for the girls. Jeffrey and I never object.

Sarah is quite the cook. She loves to experiment, but also has a good size cookbook library she uses.

On the way back we stopped at a Peruvian Sandwich place. We got a Lomo Saltado and a Jamon del Pais sandwich…ah, so good.

Christmas in Massachusetts

How about if we ignored the fact that this is my first post in a long, long time.

Ok…So my lovely wife and I spent this Christmas in Massachusetts with our youngest daughter Jocelyn and her husband, Kyle Nelson. The drive was hellish as we hit snow in Maryland. Not a heavy storm, but just enough of a hassle to drop our speed so that is took us 18 1/2 ¬†hours to arrive at the Nelson’s home.


Kyle and Jocelyn’s home on a very cold afternoon. No snow yet, but soon to come.


We really like their big N for Nelson. Jocelyn is a fine decorator; we thought their mantle looked simply great!


One of the things I dislike about Christmas is gift wrapping. I think we should just put everything in boxes and reuse them each year. Wrapping takes time; sure it looks nice, but for how long? Then to the trash it goes.


Unfortunately, Jocelyn got the flu and my wife had a cold so they spent one day in pajamas watching movies.. Fortunately, on Christmas day she felt a lot better.


Kyle’s stocking was so full it wouldn’t stay hung…Jocelyn’s hadn’t been stuffed yet.


The next three images are from Jocelyn’s Christmas Tree. She had some unique decorations, very nicely done Jocie!


This one she got in Australia; not sure what it was made off, but it did looked like it was crafted from a huge pine cone that was turned into a bell shape decoration.




We attended Sunday and Christmas Eve services at our old Church – Church in the Pines. A treat to see so many old friends and meet new ones.


Great to see Alede at the keyboards and Jake with Tom rehearsing a couple of their Christmas songs.

On Christmas Eve we played several Giant Jenga games. On this one the old family record of 29 levels was broken! We are now at 31 levels! When this tower falls down…watch out.


Christmas Day – we awoke up to a brief snow storm. It was blowing hard, but fortunately it did not last long. We saw about 20 big wild turkeys in the backyard. Here you see footprints from a few of them.


A couple of stragglers that quickly caught on with the gang as they crossed the street in a big rush to fade into the woods. Click HERE for a brief video of the turkeys.



Meet Ruby! A beautiful puppy (5 months) that hit it off with Alejandro in a big way. Initially, we thought that Alejandro was going to have a hard time keeping up with Ruby’s rough play, but they quickly adjusted to each other and had a blast while together. Once we left, Alejandro seem to go into a depression period that lasted one day and a half. He just would not eat and just lay looking sad and bored. lol…fortunately, he is back to his old self.


My wife with her homemade apple pie! Check the height of it!


We had Christmas lunch/dinner at Kyle’s parents. They shared one of their Christmas traditions…they start a puzzle that day and ask their guests if they would like to contribute some time to it. Initially I thought…maybe not. However, after a few minutes I was in deep in finding the edges. In no time more joined and it truly became a group effort. Great idea Lynn!


My favorite Nelson tradition – who can say no to a delectable and well done sea scallop wrapped in bacon? Not me…notice all the toothpicks??!!


Opening presents at the Nelsons!


Jocelyn and Kyle getting some great kitchen wares – looking forward to some tasty dinners from these two real soon.


Gram Nelson enjoying gift opening more than her own gifts.


Tough day for Kyle, catching a little shut-eye…well, almost.


After a delicious fresh salad and succulent tenderloin we dove into the apple pie. Lynn ready to scoop out the ice cream – yum to everything. Thank you Tom & Lynn for a delicious dinner and fantastic time together.


…and so another Christmas goes by, but the effects of the real meaning of Christmas will last forever to those that accept the gift of the baby in the manger, born to provide salvation to all.


Vicky Fang - January 1, 2018 - 10:28 pm

Glad to see the post. Wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy 2018 year. All the best!

Back from the Dead?

Not really, not dead, just got busy with life, travel, weddings, family, cycling, church, video…who said retired life is boring? My last post was on March 20th, can’t believe it…so I am thinking the best way to catch up is to post a few pictures from each month till July. Warning, there are quite a few pictures as I am consolidating several months in this one post. Here we go!

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the US a lot more than in Ireland or so I am told. New York City is supposed to have the largest Saint Patrick’s parade and celebration in the US. Greenville, not as much, but there is still a good rowdy bunch that gets together downtown and have a good time. This gentleman is enjoying himself with a cold pint.


One of the fun things for us to do was to read the many t-shirts with curious or funny graphics. Greenville closes a portion of Main Street for this celebration, it was really well attended and people had a great time listening to a band and visiting the many bars along the Main Street.


One of the yearly events in Greenville is the Annual Running with the Bulls. No, you are not in Pamplona, but the event coincides with the real running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The event proceeds go to a charity; this year’s proceeds went to support the family of Officer Jacobs who was killed by a punk that had just got out of prison. Real sad story, but honored to support such worthy cause.


Red bandanas are on and the bulls are ready for the stampede!


Danger is real, these bulls will stop for no one.


We finally decided to visit the brand new Sierra Nevada Brewery in NC. A huge compound really well done. I wonder how it compares to the original in Chico, CA.


We did not go on the guided tour as there is like a two month wait for it. We settled for the self-walking tour instead. You do not get to see the whole operation, but what we saw was really impressive. Here we see some of the mash containers (left) and two copper brew kettles. The place was spotless.


We decided to have a beer sampler with some really good appetizers; must come back.


In April, we had a very important visitor for a couple of day – meet baby Hazel; my wife had that smile for two solid days.


No question about it; Hazel is a beauty!


April was a very busy month for events in Greenville. Greenville hosted the USA Cycling Criterium National Championships – that is a big deal in bicycle circles.



The pro race is about to start.


Took hundreds of pictures as I walked around the whole course. Tough to choose the best ones though.


My wife decided to race her first 5k race ever. She trained with her friends Janice (middle) and Nancy (right) for a few weeks and did a very respectable 39 minutes. Way to go honey!


As you can see, my wife is having fun and she is already beating many runners.


Our adopted Chinese daughter got married to a fine young man in late April. I walked her down the aisle; it was an honor to do so as her parents were not able to travel from China for the occasion.



My wife and I went on a Miata Club ride; we have not done many of those lately. Forgot how much fun they can be. As usual, the ride took us up the mountains and the views were simply amazing. We stopped in a few places, this being – Dry Falls – my most favorite that day.


Memorial Day in Miami with the Briatore’s¬†


Lucia, Luca and Francesca having fun at the Miami boardwalk.



Meat of all types…all delicious and cooked by Master Asador Leandro; truly yum!



At the pool with Leandro and Mike. We decided to jump into the pool with clothes and all…why not.



Our youngest daughter Jocelyn got married to Kyle Nelson…YEAH!!!

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Nelson!



Can you tell they are happy?



The whole new family!



Our two daughters with their two gentlemen.



Their first dance. It was truly a perfect day for all, but a magical day for our daughter. We are very happy for her and Kyle. May God bless you always.


In Warsaw, Indiana¬†with the Till’s

Tom and Danette invited us to a retirement party of a dear mutual friend; Julie. We got to see the Till’s new residence – it is really a beautiful home in a perfect place.


Party time! Julie was really surprised; she was happy to see so many of her friends come to wish her a happy retirement. Here is the whole gang.


Tom, Danette, Julie and Larry.


On our way back home we stopped at a brand new attraction in Kentucky – The Ark Encounter – A real life size Noah’s Ark replica. The interior has amazing detail and there are several exhibitions showing most likely the way they took care of daily needs. We enjoyed it.

Thanks for visiting and your patience on such a long post.

La Familia!

Without question, the highlight of our recent visit to Peru was seeing members of my family I have not seen for just about 11 years. Sure, we communicate here and there over the internet or an occasional phone call, but nothing beats seeing them in person! Below I am posting a few of the pictures I took of times with some members of the family. For more pictures click HERE.

Sin lugar a dudas, el m√°s destacado de nuestra reciente visita a Per√ļ estaba viendo a los miembros de mi familia que no he visto por s√≥lo unos 11 a√Īos. Sin duda nos comunicamos aqu√≠ y all√° a trav√©s de Internet o una llamada telef√≥nica ocasional, pero nada como¬†verlos en persona. A continuaci√≥n estoy publicando algunas de las fotos que tom√© con alg√ļn miembro de la familia. Para obtener m√°s haga clic AQU√ć

My cousin Toya (center) invited us for dinner at her home. We had a great time with her and my cousins Lalo and Natty (couple on left). Of course, the fact that the main dish was Lomo Saltado…you will see pictures of that succulent dish later, was a thrilling point for my wife.

Mi prima Toya ( centro) nos invit√≥ a almorzar en su casa. Tuvimos un gran tiempo con ella y mis primos Lalo y Natty (pareja en la izquierda). Por supuesto, el hecho que¬†el plato principal era lomo saltado … se va a fotos de ese suculento plato m√°s tarde, fue una gran sorpresa¬†para mi esposa – es su plato favorito.

My nephew’s daughter Mia trying out her brand new roller blades!

La hija de mi sobrino Lalo Jr.,  Mia,  probando sus patines nuevos.

One of the favorite things you do in Peru is eat; it is almost the national pastime. The food is simply amazing. We ate a lot of homemade foods in my cousin Lalo’s home, but we also went out to some amazing restaurants. Here we are at Isolina’s, a great restaurant¬†for traditional Peruvian food.

Una de las cosas favoritas que haces en el Per√ļ es comer; es casi el pasatiempo nacional. La comida es simplemente incre√≠ble y bien variada. Comimos muy buenas comidas hechas en la casa de mi primo Lalo, pero tambi√©n fuimos a varios restaurantes incre√≠bles . Aqu√≠ estamos en Isolina, un gran lugar para comida tradicional peruana.

My nephew Lalo Jr. and his kids – Mia and Dennis, having a good time while they wait for their favorite food.

Acc tenemos a mi sobrino Lalo Jr. con su hija Mia e hijo Dennis pasando un buen rato mientras que esperan sus platos favoritos.

Peruvian breakfast is great. However, we decided to treat our hosts with some traditional American breakfast. It went very well…especially the bacon…surprised?

El desayuno Peruano es muy bueno. Sin embargo, un d√≠a decidimos cocinar¬†¬†para nuestros anfitriones desayuno tradicional Americano. Fue un Hit!!!¬†… especialmente el tocino … sorprendido?

Mia voicing her approval!

Mia diciéndonos que estaba muy rico!

So what do you do when the temps get to the high 80’s? Enough said.

Por lo tanto, ¬Ņqu√© hacer cuando las temperaturas llegan a la alta de los 80? La foto te lo dice todo.

Lalo Jr. with Mia and Dennis.

Spent my birthday at my cousin Lalo’s home. We had a little party with my cousin Lourdes, husband Pepe, friends Walter (we have the same birthday) and his wife Carmen. ¬†Thank you Natty and Lalo for a wonderful birthday lunch and games till late evening. We really had a blast.

Pas√© mi cumplea√Īos en casa de mi primo Lalo. Tuvimos una peque√Īa fiesta con mi prima Lourdes, su marido Pepe, amigo Walter (somos de la misma fecha de nacimiento) y su esposa Carmen. Gracias usted Natty y Lalo para un almuerzo de cumplea√Īos maravilloso y juegos hasta la noche . Nos lo pasamos de maravilla.

Great friends are family in my book. Here I am with Claudio, we have known each other and have kept in touch for over 50 years. Great seeing you Leviatan. Hope you come and visit us soon.

Grandes amigos son como familia para mi. Aqu√≠ estoy con Claudio, nos conocemos y nos hemos mantenido en contacto durante m√°s de 50 a√Īos. Muy bueno¬†verte Leviathan; espero que nos visites pronto.


I have not seen my friend Rafael for 40 years. It was great to see him again and meet his lovely wife Giannina. Hope we will not wait too long to see each other agian Rafael!

Rafael y yo no nos ve√≠amos por 40 a√Īos. Tuvimos una reunion muy linda y por fin conocimos a su linda se√Īora Giannina. Ojal√° que no pase tanto tiempo para volver a juntarnos Rafael!

For sure my super highlight was to visit with my Uncle Eduardo and his wife, my Aunt Cucha. He is the last uncle from my mother side actually, he is the last uncle I have left. I have so many good memories of things we did together when I was a kid. He is the last of 16 brothers and sisters…wow. He was really happy to see us and we had a nice time remembering old times together. God bless you and your family dear Uncle Eduardo and Cucha.

Una de las mas grandes alegr√≠as de este viaje fue el¬†visitar a mi t√≠o Eduardo y su esposa , mi t√≠a Cucha. √Čl es el √ļltimo t√≠o de parte de mi madre, en realidad √©l es el √ļltimo t√≠o que me queda. Tengo tantos buenos recuerdos de cosas que hicimos juntos cuando yo era un ni√Īo . √Čl es el √ļltimo de 16 hermanos y hermanas … wow . √Čl estaba muy contento de vernos y nos lo pasamos muy bien recordando viejos tiempos juntos. Dios usted y su querida familia t√≠o Eduardo y Cucha bendiga.

Picture with my uncle, his wife, daughter Milagros and cousin Lalo, Natty and us.


While the US winter was in full swing we were enjoying summer temps in Lima. My cousin Lourdes and her husband Pepe took us to a club they belong to – El Regatas. Beautiful place with amazing facilities and options for every kind of relaxation and fun. Took this picture of them with Lalo, Lourdes, Pepe and my wife at the pier.

Mientras que era invierno en Estados Unidos, nosotros estábamos disfrutando de temperaturas de verano en Lima. Mis primos Lourdes y su marido Pepe nos llevaron a un club al que ellos pertenecen РEl Regatas. Hermoso lugar con impresionantes instalaciones y opciones para cada tipo de relajación y diversión. Tomè esta foto de ellos con Lalo , Lourdes, Pepe y mi esposa en el muelle del club.

Wifey and I in front of the pool at The Regatas.

Bethe y yo con la piscina del Regatas detr√°s de nosotros.

I really like this picture of Mia and I. Miss you Mia!

A mi me gusta esta foto de Mia y yo mucho; te extra√Īo Mia!

Mrs Isolina (Natty’s mom) and I enjoying a cold beer. Mrs. Isolina and I had our daily beer and had great laughs together around different topics. We really miss her laugh and fantastic disposition on every topic we spoke about. She was a very close friend with my mother; still misses her a lot and shared many fun times they had together. Hope to see you again soon Mrs. Isolina.

La se√Īora Isolina (mam√° de Natty) disfrutando de una cerveza fr√≠a. La se√Īora Isolina y yo nos tom√°bamos una cerveza todos los d√≠as y ten√≠amos grandes risas juntos en torno a diferentes temas. Realmente extra√Īamos su risa y disposici√≥n fant√°stica¬†al rededor de¬†los temas que hablamos. Ella era una gran amiga de mi madre; todav√≠a la extra√Īa mucho y comparti√≥ muchos momentos de diversi√≥n que ellas ten√≠an juntas. Esperamos verle de nuevo pronto la se√Īora Isolina.

Getting together with family is such a fantastic feeling. Here we are at my cousin’s Perli and Hugo’s beautiful home. We had a great dinner with so much reminiscing and sharing of what is going on on each of our lives. Miss having them all as physically close as they are to each other.

Reunirse con la familia es una sensación fantástica. Aquí estamos en la casa de mi primita Perli y de Hugo. Nos dieron una gran cena con tanto recordar del pasado y el intercambio de lo que está pasando en cada una de nuestras vidas. 

Of course, there was amazing food again. My cousin Perli cooks great and had a couple of Peruvian dishes I never tasted before we are now fan of them. Thank you Perlita y Hugo!

Prosupesto, si la familia se re√ļne, tiene que haber comida rica. Fue super delicioso todo. Gracias Perlita y Hugo por tan agradable y memorable noche.

You had to be there, but we had such a great time. Looks like I am only taking pictures when we are having a good time; well, we had a good time throughout the evening.

Era muy difícil tomar fotos cuando alguien no estaba en plena carqueajada. Acs mi primo Hernan casi remiendos la panza de risa.

Saying goodbye after a great evening!

Despidiéndonos después de una grande noche.

Picture before we go into Panchita√Ī one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Lima.

Visitando a Panchita, uno de los restaurantes mas famosos de Lima ‘ super bueno!

A month went by very fast. It was time to return home, but not without having one last homemade luncheon. The food was so good it was really difficult not to over eat – gained 8 1/2 pounds in a month. Back to the bicycle for me as soon as I land. Thank you Natty and Lalo for your wonderful hospitality; you made each day very special to us.

Un mes paso muy r√°pido. Era el momento de volver a casa, pero no sin tener una √ļltima comida casera juntos. La comida era tan buena que era muy dif√≠cil no comer m√°s de lo normal-¬†gan√© 8 1/2 libras en un mes. Volver√© a la bicicleta tan pronto como llegamos a la casa. Gracias Natty y Lalo por¬†su maravillosa hospitalidad; usted hicieron cada d√≠a muy especial para nosotros.

Bruce Schlein - March 21, 2016 - 9:04 am

Nice family px and the second image and swimming pool image ar excellent photographs for me.

claudio rios - March 21, 2016 - 7:55 am

Querido Cosmo ,me alegro grandemente verte ,me da muchisima alegria que estes recontra bien y sobretodo bien cuidado por tu querida Bethe , y ahora colectando innumerables Momentos Kodak que en realidad…. is what life is all about ,you made it ! dear Cosmo : ) , ya te vere por tus dominios sometime next year ,cuidate y say Hi to Bethe .

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