Slow Progress

Rainy days and the amount of rain for the month of May broke some records in Greenville, SC. As a result, progress on our new home was less than expected. To make matters worse the lot was too flat and had to be graded and a massive french drain was added to assure proper drainage. We are happy to see how the builder handled this unexpected issue and after seeing what they did -we do not see any problems when heavy rains occur in the future.

The pictures below show progress from day one:

A look at the lot when we first saw it. It really is a great lot with woods in the back leading to a retention pond so no buildings behind us. Ok, you must have some imagination to see what it could be.


Finally working on clearing the brush. We really wanted to keep as many of the trees as possible. Keep in mind this picture was taken when the leaves were just coming out.


The five or so trees you see on the left hand side could not be saved. They were laying lower that the rest of the lot and once the builder realized they needed to do some additional work to assure proper drainage they had to be cut down. Real bummer, but it beats a soggy lawn and potential problems with the foundation.


The whole lot was dug down by about 4 or so feet. The rocks were placed on the base of it; some large diameter pipes were run alongside the lot running back to the retention pond (french drains like).


Over the rock a special bio tarp and more rock over that.


One day they had a lot of equipment working on the lot. Glad the price for the house did not go up due to this unexpected drain issue fix. Will keep an eye to assure they do not cut corners some place else to compensate. Doubt it based on their attitude and approach so far, but must verify.


On top of the last layer of rock quite a few truck loads of nice dirt. Then the foundation perimeter was erected; no basement as you can see.


More rock within the foundation perimeter preparing the area for the concrete¬†that will serve as the slab for our home; yeah!… no crackling noise when walking on the wood floors late at night or early morning.


My beautiful wife finally happy to see the foundation done, makes it look like she is sitting on her porch. Silly lady.


After three days of heavy rain and no progress at all, the framing started!
Yes, for those outside of the US, this type of construction may seem very weird and flimsy since you may be used to brick and concrete. Must admit I thought the same when I first came to the US in the early 1970’s. The first time I knocked on a wal-l I could not believe it sounded like cardboard to me.
Well, due to cost, speed and some advantages (??) this is the preferred type of home construction in the US. Wish it was cheaper, but so it is.


A view from my neighbor to the left of us (as we look from the street). Our home is about 25 feet from her lot.


This was yesterday (June 11), glad to see lots of progress. Tomorrow the roof should be closed in…


The guys directing the crane were walking on 2×4 pieces of lumber…did not look safe, but it did not seem to bother them or slow them down at all.


A view from the back, the screened porch will be a nice place to be during cool summer nights.


This was today (June 12), as you can see the roof is just about covered. This will allow them to do work inside even if there is some rain (expect some tomorrow). Must say the framing went fast as they had a good number of workers and the truces were pre-made at a factory.


View from the middle of the entrance hall looking into the family room. Now that it is partially framed the hallway looks normal size. Prior to this it looked way too narrow (it actually is 5.5 feet in width.)


View from the back. Just about done with the roof and sides. Yeah!…we are looking forward to seeing faster progress during the next few weeks. The hotel suite is getting very small.

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