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We had a jammed packed December with dinners and family events, visits and celebrations as I am sure you also had. The weather in Greenville was good considering up North the temps were finally taking a dive and cold started to set in. As our two girls could not join us in Greenville for Christmas, we joined them in Indianapolis (so glad Jocelyn could fly from MA to join us). I have not been taking too many photographs over the past couple of months; been spending quite a bit of time riding my bike with different groups and exploring many great roads offering a mixture of beautiful mountain views and some good climbs. Below I am sharing a taste of late November and December.

Being in Greenville, SC means that fall colors hang around a lot longer than in the North. But all good things come to an end. This is one last picture I took while walking along the Swamp Rabbit Trail before all the leaves fell. Spring is not that far away though…Yeah!


It was not going to last forever. When we moved into our new home in August 2013 we knew that most of the woods that we had in front, left side and beyond of our property would be taken down to fit many more homes. We did have a couple of summers with really nice privacy, but no more. These pictures show most of the woods around us have been taken down. The good news is that we still have good distance between our neighbors and the back will remain wooded as there is a stream close by. Will post same scenes again once the new homes are finished.


We finally made it to Larkins on the River restaurant  for brunch; high recommended if you are in the area. This place is very nicely decorated, the food is really good and the service excellent. Usually we do not have dessert, but when we saw a Warm bread pudding with caramel, blueberries and craisins we had to share one. It delighted at every level – wow was it good.


This was the sign of the month for us. We saw it while walking in Main Street Hendersonville, NC. Funny and puzzling at the same time.


One evening during Christmas many in our neighborhood place alongside the front of their property Luminaries (a white bag with some sand and a candle inside of it) to complement their decorations. The selected day to showcase them seems to be a big deal; you see a large number of homeowners walking around the whole neighborhood enjoying the lights. Of course, there is a competition involved; we did not win this time, but will try next year.


My wife just hanging with our oldest daughter Sarah. As usual, Sarah is not too thrilled I am taking her picture -kids.

For the second year in a row we attended the Christmas Eve service at East 91st Street Church on Indianapolis. A very large church, but it has a small church feel to it. The Christmas Eve service was very nicely done.


As we wait for midnight, Sarah got us hooked on Master Chef Junior – initially I thought it was silly, but after a couple of episodes I realize that this young people really get into food and are really very good at it. Still, seems like a lot of pressure to put them through, but they seem to thrive in it…well, almost all…some do breakdown and cry. Actually, not much different than the adult version…lol. In this picture, the kids had to fillet a large salmon and cut the fillet into specific portions. It was quite a difficult task for some of them as the fish was really large, but most did amazingly well.


Nicholas, the wonderful boy we fostered in China sent Bethe a Happy Birthday song; you can only imagine how happy Bethe and I were to see Nicholas doing so well. See short video by clicking HERE

Nicholas also made Christmas cookies for us…they we delicious Nicholas!!! Thank you


Indianapolis was very cold during most of our visit. Here is my wife trying to keep warm by hugging Jocelyn really tight. It did not work. This area is a canal located in the center of downtown Indy; never heard of it, but its been here since the mid 1800’s. Originally conceived to promote commerce throughout a wide area from Peru, Indiana to Evansville, Indiana. However, money problem stopped it original design that would have made it 296 miles long. Today it is 8 miles long and the city had done a very nice job revitalizing the area to include restaurants, gondolas, games for kids, etc. A very popular attraction in the summer I hear.


Next to the canal there is a very nicely done September 2011 memorial. Will never forget…lets hope and pray we will indeed never forget.


Cold evening walking around Monument Circle in the center of downtown Indy. Time for a hot chocolate!



This is how Monument Circle looked in 1907. Until the early 1960’s, no building in Indianapolis could be higher that the Soldiers and Sailors monument.



Too cold for a carriage ride.


A quick snapshot from us after Christmas Eve service. Wishing you all a happy 2015!


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