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…without a post on this blog. Yes, many think retirement is all about getting up late every day and just sit around, watch some TV and wait for the next day to come to do the same all over again. Fortunately, actual experience is way, way different for me and several other retirees I have befriended in Greenville. The most important advice I can give anyone considering retirement is to assure you have other interests/hobbies outside of work.

Must admit that over the past few months I have been obsessed with improving my cycling endurance, particularly climbing the many mountains around the area, and being more comfortable when riding with some seasoned riders in the area. Noticeable improvement has been achieved, but more will be necessary. Photography has been relegated to the background lately, but need to change that. While I have not taken as many pictures as usual, below I am using some to summarize the last few months.

My niece Nati and her family came for a brief visit in March. While walking around downtown, I saw Lucia walking pass this pink bike and looked like she wanted her picture taken. Isn’t Lucia super cute? She is really a very sweet little girl.


Greenville downtown is home to a very nice train museum. Since Luca, Lucia’s twin brother, loves trains, we had to go into it and see what they had. The place did not disappoint us at all. Here you see a detail of the massive model that include mountains, towns, factories, etc. Really nice.


Luca watching the trains, seems like he just cannot believe what he is seeing…the biggest train collection ever! He did not want to talk to anyone; just look, watch, study it all.


Detail of the industrial section. There were three gentlemen manning the exhibition and they were having a blast. I spoke to one of them and it just sounded like this whole museum is their personal playing ground that happens to make some money to keep it going. Good to hear that they will be moving to a bigger building as they have plans to expand beyond the current walls.


The attention to details is truly remarkable.


Closeup view of Main Street… really awesome!


Different angle of Main Street.


Last view. We will keep our eye on this place and look forward to visiting again after they move later on this year.


Lucia having some fun at the childrens park next to the Greenville Zoo.


Whatever Lucia does, Luca must follow…and try to do better. Sound familiar?


Francesca, Lucia and Luca’s older sister spent sometime with Bethe making some cookies. They came out really good. Very few things are as good as a just baked chocolate chip cookie!


The kids are ready for bed, but must check the giant puzzle one more time.


We have continued to hike this year. Not as much as we would like, but we will keep at it as it is really great exercise and provides with some beautiful views of the surrounding area. This image shows a very unusual stream that seems to come out from the bottom of the tree. Never seen anything like it so had to take a picture of it. Have you seen such before? Nature has so many surprises.


While in Amelia Island in Florida, we stopped at the beach to relax for a while. Well, it did not take long to be surrounded by hungry seagulls. My wife could not resist and shared some of her cookies with them. As you can see, they seemed to form a queue.


While in Amelia Island we stopped at Pi Infinite Pizza (located in Fernandina Beach). Wow did they have some great and different pizza. Here you see a breakfast pizza with Canadian bacon and a couple of fried eggs on top. Really good!


In late March we visited Massachusetts to spend sometime with our youngest daughter Jocelyn and visit some friends and family. We heard of a Peruvian restaurant in Providence, RI. so we had to check out. We took a couple of friends with us that had never had Peruvian food, so it was a real gamble as we never had been there. WOW, were we thrilled with this place!  The name is Los Andes – located in 903 Chalkstone Ave, Providence. A MUST visit – even if you never had Peruvian food before. The service was exceptional and the food; simply the best Peruvian food I have had in this country. A nice sample of what we had can be seen in this image (Ribeye perfectly grilled with some savvy sauce on top, Jalea, Causa, Anticuchos, Lomo Saltado and ceviche. Yum, yum and yum.  For a look at their menu click HERE



Just a table at a restaurant in Plymouth, MA waiting for customers.


Massasoit ( leader of the Wampanoag tribe) who saved  Plymouth colony from  almost certain starvation that the Pilgrims endured during their first winter in the new land. The statue overlooks Plymouth harbor. On the lower left you can see a portion of the building that houses Plymouth Rock – must say the structure is a lot more impressive than the rock. Check it out and you will know what I mean.


We spent a couple of days in Boston; a great city to walk and explore the new and the old.


Maria, had some eye surgery and we assisted her with transportation. The surgery went very well and the latest news is that complete healing is well under way. They truly do not come sweeter than Maria.


While in Cambridge, MA we had to have lunch at S&S. A really good restaurant that opened in 1919 and still delights all their patrons. We are fans and visit whenever there. The picture frame in this image shows how the restaurant/street looked in the 40’s.


We visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum in Boston; always wanted to go there and finally made it. You may remember this museum where 25 years ago it was the setting for one of the largest property thefts in US history. Two robbers wearing Boston police uniforms gained access to the museum and stole 13 pieces of well know artist worth $500 million. So far, not one piece has been recovered. Amongst the stolen painting there were Rembrandt, Manet, Degas, Flinck and Vermeer. We could only take pictures while inside the museums courtyard for security reasons. Their courtyard is very nice; it made us feel like we were back in Venice.


A popular restaurant in Quincy Market is called Dick’s Last Resort. Looks like a tourist trap, but maybe not. Patrons are given rolled up paper hats with names or sayings written on then, which are then placed on customers. Looks silly and reviews are not to complementary, but they seems to be busy.


Quincy Market is a very nice place to visit while in Boston. We had a crisp sunny day- perfect for a walk and watching some of the popular street performers that always draw a good crowd.


While in Boston, we decided to go to the North End for dinner. The North End is very well know for amazing Italian food and several bakeries with wonderful desserts and espresso. As we walked towards our chosen restaurant we saw the Connah Store…now this is Boston.


We chose a new restaurant for us called Comodoro. We were very happy we made reservations as the place was very small. I mean, at most they could sit 30 people. After a brief wait we were seated and had one of the best Italian dinners in recent memory. When I said the place was small, we could see the cook from our table as he seems to check the patrons reaction to his dishes. If he saw us he could clearly see we were enjoying every bite. The dishes were prepared to order. My grilled cod with a delectable marinara sauce was simple, but so good. My wife got a mushroom risotto, Jocelyn got a Chicken Marsala and Kyle got a linguini with a white sauce. Everyone was a very happy with their choice.

Dessert came and went before I could take a picture of it. Jocelyn and Kyle wondering how it went so quick.


As we walked back to our car, I came across this very Italian bike setup; how do I know it is Italian?

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