Always great to visit Massachusetts and the many friends we have there. September is a perfect month to visit as the weather is usually very nice – sunny, passing showers here and there, very comfortable temperatures. While always great to visit old friends, we had a full agenda with our youngest daughter (Jocelyn) recent engagement to Kyle Nelson – very happy for the two of them. We also visited and helped Maria with some doctor visits and, on our way back (we drove this time) we stopped to see our good friends Jason, Christa and family in NJ. As always, I think pictures tell a better story so here we go……!

Family Camp

The church we used to attend while in Massachusetts holds an annual three-day end of summer event called Family Camp at a place called Camp Clear in Carver MA. We used to attend when we lived in MA, so going back after many years was a real treat for us. Here you have a panoramic view of the Sunday services. We had such great weather!


The camp has several buildings that include dorms, chapel, kitchen and a very good indoor dinning area. It also has many great outdoor areas such as this one where you can relax, eat, pitch a tent and spend the night.


What would a camp be without a body of water within it boundaries. Needless to say, the young ones could care less if the water maybe a bit cold; they have great fun regardless. Swimming, jumping off the platform, fishing and kayaking are the memory making activities most get into.


Church in the Pines is often called the “eating church”, yes, as many other churches, food and potluck luncheons are very popular. During Family Camp food variety and availability is kicked up a few notches. Friday night (official start of Family Camp) there is usually a big dinner. On Saturday, a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner and large snack selection in between each meal is available to all. Here we have the Sunday cookout, another favorite – hey, this time they even had vegetarian patties that tasted really, really good!


Outdoor eating always seems to bring the flies out in force; good thing we have professional fly fanning gentlemen always at hand to keep the flying pests away from the food. Good job guys!


One of the true highlights on Family Camp is the baptisms on Sunday. Our daughters were baptized here and many other good friends also. Good seeing the tradition continues.


Here we have those who are getting ready to be baptized with their mentors and Pastor Joel on the far left. This is good old-time baptism in the pond.


Fireman Horse Shoes Tournament – an annual highlight of Family Camp. Talking about seeing very competitive individuals playing for the coveted trophy and t-shirt. Here we see Kim giving final instructions to the players ready to go.


Scoring is recorded on home-made tablets such as this one. Each family has their own customized scoring tablet and discs used during the game.


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen – the highly coveted CIP Firemen’s Horseshoe Cup!! Just like the Stanley Cup, the winner will keep it until next year, then turn it to the next champion.


You can only get the real intensity of what this game means to most by being there. Competition is fierce and Kim (right) show us how much concentration and precise style it takes to have a good chance to win the cup.


The road to the cup! My wife and I made it through four rounds before being beaten by Linda and Heather. Good job ladies! We will be back.


Hi there!


These young ones are playing some sort of games were they bet candy…not my thing, but hey.


Weather was cool and often wet. Missing South Carolina’s warmer weather a bit. This lady had a great getup to keep dry.


Jocelyn, our youngest daughter, got engaged and my wife and her spent a lot of time planning the upcoming wedding. Here they are checking out venues on-line. My wife a bit less high-tech, loves her paper based list. Must say, the media you use to keep the list takes a back seat as to how disciplined you are at completing it. Hard to beat my wife on that point.


We visited several wedding venues in a very short amount of time. This one was closed, but at least they could peek inside: it did not make the cut.

This was one of the favorite venues we visited. An old mill that has been converted into a very nice venue with a Navy motif. Hanging over most of the main hall are some of the crew boats that won the Rowing gold medal in the 1952 Olympics. Really cool place.


Many will not know what Jocelyn is looking into in this picture or have used one before; do you?


While in Massachusetts, we visited our good friends Carl and Ilda. Happy to see their new barn is almost done. Carl has a problem thinking or doing anything in a small-scale; this barn is no exception. But, it’s the berries!!


Carl loves his toys…sorry, tools. He had to show us how high this lift was. Good thing he has such “tool” as it would be really difficult to replace any of the overhead lights with a ladder.


One of Carl’s favorite toys…sorry, tools. Carl designed a custom-made finger to do some funky lifting and rearranging he had to make. It is now offered by JBC heavy equipment as an option…that is Carl!

Jocelyn & Kyle Engagement Party

Some of the many picture I took during the event… Great job Lynn Nelson putting this party together; it came out great!

Bride and groom to be. Congratulations!

Bride & Groom to be and parents.


Our oldest daughter, Sarah, could not make it to the party, but through the wonders of technology (Face Time) she was able to participate at least briefly.


The rain held out until just about the time all the guests had left; thank you Lord.


We visited Maria (Maria is like family to us, she has known me since my first day on this earth). We were happy to help her during her eye surgery. So far so good, but more surgery will be needed.


While in Cambridge MA, we took Maria to a great Indian restaurant. Maria was not sure if she liked Indian food, but that changed quickly as soon as she tried her Tiki Masala. Actually, she loved everything she tried. A new Indian food fan!


Just a building in Boston I have always liked.


While walking around in Boston we went through China Town. We felt like we had traveled back to Suzhou for a few minutes. Check those eye brows!


China Town main entrance.


On our last night in Boston, we decided to have dinner at the oldest pub in the city. This pub has been in continuous service since 1795. Many of the surrounding building date from those olden days.


On our way back to Greenville, South Carolina, we stopped to visit our good friends Jason, Christa and family. They have a beautiful house and we had a great visit sharing what is going on in our current lives, and also remembering many of the good time we had while in China.

Until the next post!

Summer - November 4, 2015 - 9:19 pm

Great photos and articles always, miss you and Bethe a lot!!!

Vicky - October 29, 2015 - 10:17 pm

Congratulation to Jocelyn. She looks great and happy. Glad to see recent Jason from your picture. :)

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