Summer Made it to Greenville!

I know is fall, the title reflects the visit we got from our friend Summer (a.k.a. Liping Xu); a colleague I worked with while in Suzhou, China. Summer loves to travel and has been in several countries, but this was her fist visit to the US; she loved everything about it, she said. We were really happy to host her for a portion of her trip and look forward to seeing her again on her next visit to Boston.

Sharing with you some of the great times we had with Summer…


We took Summer to Downton Greenville and we stopped at a new art gallery (Greenville has so many great galleries). Summer enjoyed most of the art and struck a good conversation with the owner.


For a couple of weeks before Summer’s arrival, Greenville had several days of very hard rain. The falls shown here had so much water you could barely see the rocks. Luckily, Summer had great sunny and dry weather during her visit.


One of Summer’s favorite pictures…us three in the reflection.


The three of us again…cannot beat a dry sunny day in Greenville!


Summer was amazed at the wonderful exposed root system on this amazing tree. I can hear Summer say….you must come visit Greenville!!!


We had Summer going most of the time, here she is taking a well deserved break in our patio.


Summer cooking my favorite Chinese soup, yum. It came out so so good. Thank you Summer!


酸菜鱼 Simple and delicious, with a nice tangy flavor that is really amazing. Yum, too bad my wife does not like fish…or maybe not…more for me…lol.



One of Summer’s favorite was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Must admit never saw it before.  We were all a bit surprised by it, and judging by Summer’s mouth wide open, she was also, but really enjoyed it as it was an interactive play. Summer got to participate with the crowd and the actors. We had a good time and laughs galore.


On our way to Looking Glass Falls, we stopped before reaching Caesar’s Head summit. Amazing views of the Smokey Mountains on this spot. Summer really enjoyed them.


A view of the valley from Caesar’s Head summit.


We had to take Summer to Pretty Place. A very popular spot for amazing panoramic views. We are facing the chapel where many weddings take place; simple a majestic setting for a wedding.


Summer has not shrunken, she decided to climb on an oversized chair for another photo-op. Must say, Summer enjoys the little things as much as the big things. Great way to approach life.


Looking Glass Falls, one of 120 or so waterfalls in North Carolina.



This nice Harley Davidson caught Summer’s eye so she asked the owner if she could take a picture with it. The owner had no problem at all obliging. When Summer sets her mind on something she wants, watch out!


Summer having her first Mexican food ever. She wanted to try all sort of foods and we did our best to meet her wishes. She really enjoyed her Burrito, new place for us; Don Quijote in Brevard, NC.


What? Not made in China??? Yep, not everything is made in China.


White Squirrels are the bomb in Brevard…there are many theories about how this unusual types of rodents come to Brevard, but one thing is certain they are not albino squirrels as they eyes are dark and not pink. This one is a big one and tried to get my wife.


Took Summer to the Flat Rock Bakery, our most favorite place for pizza in the Carolinas…actually, probably anywhere. It is that good!! There is a BBQ place next to it with several neat metal sculptures, here is Summer posing with Mr. Frog.


Ah, it does not get better than this for me…a delicious spinach, goat cheese, artichoke hearts and sun dry tomatoes pizza. The bakery uses a brick oven to cook them and the flavor/combination is awesome! So awesome that Summer had to freeze the moment for eternity.



Summer visited us at the tail end of apple picking season. She had never been apple picking so guess what? Yes, we took her to a great apple grove near Flat Rock with many acres of apple trees covering several delicious varieties.


Summer did quite well picking some delicious ones we later enjoyed later.



Had to give Summer a ride in the Miata. Of course, she had to take a picture of it.



As we were zooming up Paris Mountain, guess who was taking pictures?


What a fantastic coincidence, the Fall for Greenville Festival was on during Summer’s visit…of course we took her to it. This festival showcases over 40 restaurants and several bands playing in six different locations. Here is Summer posing with a NASCAR type car…not sure who the driver was.


I think no caption is needed on this one.


Summer took hundreds of pictures, this is just one of them.


As I mentioned earlier, the three day festival features several bands that play in six different venues. We chose the TD Stage to listen to a great Army band that played some great Rock n Roll music.


We had a great time with Summer, we were happy that the weather was great and we had time to share with her many of our favorite places. We hope you visit us again!


All things do come to an end however. Summer toasting the good times and wishing us all a great life! Cheers back to you Summer!!

Sophie LIU - November 8, 2015 - 8:06 pm

It is so cool, nice pictures~ Hope to join you!!!

camerapacker - November 7, 2015 - 7:39 pm

Some very nice px

Summer - November 7, 2015 - 5:46 pm

Really happy that I made my trip to US finally. I enjoyed every moment with you, dearest couple in my world, you are family to me!!! Looking forward to meeting you again next time in Boston. Cheers to our great life. 🙂

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