Christmas in Massachusetts

How about if we ignored the fact that this is my first post in a long, long time.

Ok…So my lovely wife and I spent this Christmas in Massachusetts with our youngest daughter Jocelyn and her husband, Kyle Nelson. The drive was hellish as we hit snow in Maryland. Not a heavy storm, but just enough of a hassle to drop our speed so that is took us 18 1/2  hours to arrive at the Nelson’s home.


Kyle and Jocelyn’s home on a very cold afternoon. No snow yet, but soon to come.


We really like their big N for Nelson. Jocelyn is a fine decorator; we thought their mantle looked simply great!


One of the things I dislike about Christmas is gift wrapping. I think we should just put everything in boxes and reuse them each year. Wrapping takes time; sure it looks nice, but for how long? Then to the trash it goes.


Unfortunately, Jocelyn got the flu and my wife had a cold so they spent one day in pajamas watching movies.. Fortunately, on Christmas day she felt a lot better.


Kyle’s stocking was so full it wouldn’t stay hung…Jocelyn’s hadn’t been stuffed yet.


The next three images are from Jocelyn’s Christmas Tree. She had some unique decorations, very nicely done Jocie!


This one she got in Australia; not sure what it was made off, but it did looked like it was crafted from a huge pine cone that was turned into a bell shape decoration.




We attended Sunday and Christmas Eve services at our old Church – Church in the Pines. A treat to see so many old friends and meet new ones.


Great to see Alede at the keyboards and Jake with Tom rehearsing a couple of their Christmas songs.

On Christmas Eve we played several Giant Jenga games. On this one the old family record of 29 levels was broken! We are now at 31 levels! When this tower falls down…watch out.


Christmas Day – we awoke up to a brief snow storm. It was blowing hard, but fortunately it did not last long. We saw about 20 big wild turkeys in the backyard. Here you see footprints from a few of them.


A couple of stragglers that quickly caught on with the gang as they crossed the street in a big rush to fade into the woods. Click HERE for a brief video of the turkeys.



Meet Ruby! A beautiful puppy (5 months) that hit it off with Alejandro in a big way. Initially, we thought that Alejandro was going to have a hard time keeping up with Ruby’s rough play, but they quickly adjusted to each other and had a blast while together. Once we left, Alejandro seem to go into a depression period that lasted one day and a half. He just would not eat and just lay looking sad and bored. lol…fortunately, he is back to his old self.


My wife with her homemade apple pie! Check the height of it!


We had Christmas lunch/dinner at Kyle’s parents. They shared one of their Christmas traditions…they start a puzzle that day and ask their guests if they would like to contribute some time to it. Initially I thought…maybe not. However, after a few minutes I was in deep in finding the edges. In no time more joined and it truly became a group effort. Great idea Lynn!


My favorite Nelson tradition – who can say no to a delectable and well done sea scallop wrapped in bacon? Not me…notice all the toothpicks??!!


Opening presents at the Nelsons!


Jocelyn and Kyle getting some great kitchen wares – looking forward to some tasty dinners from these two real soon.


Gram Nelson enjoying gift opening more than her own gifts.


Tough day for Kyle, catching a little shut-eye…well, almost.


After a delicious fresh salad and succulent tenderloin we dove into the apple pie. Lynn ready to scoop out the ice cream – yum to everything. Thank you Tom & Lynn for a delicious dinner and fantastic time together.


…and so another Christmas goes by, but the effects of the real meaning of Christmas will last forever to those that accept the gift of the baby in the manger, born to provide salvation to all.


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