Who Let the Dogs Out? Who?

My birthday this year happened to fall on a Sunday (Feb 8); very thankful it was a day with great weather. Even for South Carolina, having a sunny day with temperatures reaching 67 degrees F by 4:00PM was out of the norm. So what to do? We decided to go to downtown and visit Falls Park; we were not alone. Downtown was packed with people enjoying the warm weather and you saw people wearing from thick coats to shorts and t-shirts. Yes, some South Carolinians consider temps in the 50’s freezing, but many others (probably Northerner transplants) the temps felt like a nice summer day.

One thing that really caught our attention was the large number of dogs we saw. I focused my lens on them so lets take a look at a small sampling of them below.


Dogs everywhere, several times a dog jam in the spot we sat for a while.


We saw a total of 5 Great Danes; this one was the first. They seem such gentle giants. Here you see him allowing this little one very close without eating him whole.

3for you

Like I said, all types. This particular Pitbull type has such a distinct look. I am not a dog expert so I hope I am not mislabelling any dogs. If I am please leave a comment with your correction.


This lady seems to be wondering if the Great Dane is a horse…she is probably thinking…I will need a shovel instead of a pooper scooper…lol. Actually, she was not even look at the Great Dane, just added her here as it played well. So much for truth in reporting…hey, I came clean before publishing it.


My wife could not resist petting this little Maltese, Poodle and Yorkie mix. She really wants a dog now. On the right, well sometimes the dog takes the owner for a walk.


Some dog owners have no problem dealing with more than one dog at the time. Good to see a Red Sox fan in the mix! Bottom left; she really posed for me.


A great looking Boston Pit-Bull sticking his tongue it seems. Looks like a powerful medium guy; he was very sure of himself prancing like all must stop and pay tribute to him. A couple each with their pair of dogs; not sure about this; looks like a lot of work to me.


Some dog owners with heavy coats think their dogs are also cold, even though is in the mid 60’s. On the right you see a couple of Great Danes; one hairy…never see one like this.


My second most favorite image of the day. He said it is a dogs life? For the most favorite image see below.



My favorite picture of the day! How can you argue with this face and eyes?

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