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La Familia!

Without question, the highlight of our recent visit to Peru was seeing members of my family I have not seen for just about 11 years. Sure, we communicate here and there over the internet or an occasional phone call, but nothing beats seeing them in person! Below I am posting a few of the pictures […]

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Mendoza, Asado Master Class

Since we were going to Lima, Peru, to visit family after an 11 year gap, we decided to add Argentina (Mendoza & Buenos Aires).  While in Mendoza we came across a tour titled Asado Master Class. It was basically a class where one learns how regular Argentinians cook their weekend BBQ’s – something I am told […]

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Looks like…

…I am into a quarterly updates with this blog. Finding less time to take pictures and the motivation to sit down, process pictures and write a post. My wife says that I am all about my bicycle and photography has taken a back seat. Well, there is some truth to that, but photography is still […]

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Way Too Long…

…without a post on this blog. Yes, many think retirement is all about getting up late every day and just sit around, watch some TV and wait for the next day to come to do the same all over again. Fortunately, actual experience is way, way different for me and several other retirees I have […]

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